For Employers that process their payroll:

  • Verify and update your State Unemployment Insurance rate prior to running first Payroll in the new 2016 year
  • Before processing W-2’s, verify 2015 employees’ data, update phone, address, email etc.
  • Review and update employees W-4 / federal withholding status if necessary
  • Verify any changes in employee pay and garnishments / deductions
  • Verify 1099 Vendor Information for 2015 year-end 1099 and 1096 form filing
    • Update and verify 1099 vendor information to include tax ID number and current address
    • Deadline to mail 1099’s is February 1, 2016
    • Additional information can be found at:

If McIlvain & Associates processes your payroll:

  • Please provide us with your State Unemployment and State Disability Insurance rates for the new year
  • Please provide us with any updates to W-4 withholdings, any changes to employees’ pay, any changes in employees’ garnishments, any changes to employees’ personal information (phone, address, email etc.)
  • If you are an S-Corp please furnish McIlvain & Associates your health insurance premiums paid for Shareholders in 2015 so that it can be included on your W-2.

If you have processed your payroll in the past, but are looking to outsource this function in 2016, we invite you to contact out office to discuss your options.