Our CPA firm enjoys working with a large group of Multi-Family Investors.  These savvy investors are looking for proven experience in dealing with complex accounting and tax work – and that is where we come in.  Our staff can log into your Resman account directly to make tax adjustments or remit adjustments to your management company.

We will also provide you with tax strategies and educational information throughout the year and want to be your business partner, helping you achieve financial success in your Real Estate Investments.

*1st year multi-family work

Prior to year-end:

  • Initial review of LLC operating agreement;
  • Review of property purchase documents;
  • Set-up asset depreciation schedules;
  • Confirm investor permanent information via W-9 process;
  • Review of books for purchase transaction, tangible property capitalization and book to tax adjustments; discussion with owner for any follow-up issues.

Subsequent to year-end:

  • Preparation of in-house tax financials for tax return preparation, including any additional adjustments;
  • Review tax return draft with LLC Partnership Representative
  • Make tax adjustments in “tax book” in Resman / or remit adjustments to management company.

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