Year End Goal Setting

At this time of year, many of us carve out a little down time  to reassess the previous year and then set some lofty goals for the new year.   I personally love this season of new beginnings, and I came across a helpful article on goal setting that contains ‘”Seven P’s” worth sharing. 

“When you are inspired by the generosity of philanthropists, you aspire to be one of them. However, you have to be rich. In order to be rich you need to do something to bring you the wealth. What you need is a goal to turn your dream into reality.  Here are the 7 P’s in goal setting:

1. Passionate: Are you fervently interested in what you intend to do. Not only that, are you able to do it easily and better than other people? Your goal is your inspiration and aspiration.

2. Positive mindset: A positive mental attitude is essential to realize your objectives. You will look at things on the bright side and work diligently towards your goals.”

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